AMP Inc., USA’s Board is a team of dedicated professionals and highest decision-making body of AMP USA, who work tirelessly to implement the projects of AMP Inc. USA. Their task is to control the activities so that it is carried out in efficient manner. The Board members are enriched with good experience and capability to work inexhaustibly to execute AMP Inc. USA projects in favor and on behalf of the masses.

Mr. Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari, Columbus, Ohio 

President, Association of Muslims Professional Inc., USA

Mohammed Shahanshah Ansari hails from a much-respected family of freedom fighters and Nationalist bureaucrats from District Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh, he is currently posted in Chicago, USA. His grandfather Late Jb. Haji Ahmed Ali Ghazipuri was an admirer of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, was a Freedom Fighter and served in the Azad Hind Fauj. Mohammad Shahanshah is a man with profound thoughts, being one of the Co-Founders of AMP he has been highly instrumental in setting up and implementing various policies and framework within AMP USA as a President. Apart from AMP USA, on the social front he is also involved with a couple of other organizations working for the welfare of the downtrodden.

Mohammad Shahanshah is a Senior Software Engineer by profession with over 17 years of industry experience. He has completed his Master of Computer Application (MCA) from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University in 2006 and has worked in India as well as abroad for some of the prestigious organizations which include Saudi Arabian Airlines, Saudi Electricity Company, SAP Global Delivery, BHP Billiton Singapore, Cardinal Health, USA etc. He is an expert in SAP Data Migration, SAP Master Data Governance and currently working as a Manager for a Company in the United States of America.

His adheres to the lines of Abraham Lincoln, “I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.”


Dr. Saif Sheikh, Chicago, Illinois 

Treasurer, Association of Muslims Professional Inc., USA

Dr. Saif Sheikh is involved in various community-based activities with the primary purpose to uplift socially and economically deprived population.  He has completed educational projects in rural India by securing funding in building classrooms and facilities so children in early stages get better education.  Dr. Saif is also a founding member of an organization in the United States that helps students in India to get admission in Master’s and PhD programs at Universities of repute in US and Europe. So far, the organization was successfully able to get over 100 students realize their dream of higher education.  These students are groomed such that they in turn help other students after they achieve education and professional success.

Professionally, Dr. Saif is a cofounder of a Pharmaceutical Company in the United States and serves as a Vice President and Financial Officer.  Prior to this he has worked at various Pharma Companies with increasing responsibility where he led the team for evaluating new business opportunities, collaborative research and development agreements and joint ventures. After completing a PhD from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, he worked at Purdue University, Johns Hopkins University and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.  He contributed significantly to the scientific research in the area of cancer and metabolism.  He has published over 50 scientific research articles obtained several patents. Dr. Saif has an MBA from Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, PA.

Dr. Saif is a Scientist, Entrepreneur, Business Executive and above all is passionate to contribute to human well-being. 


Dr. Israrul Haque Ansari, Madison, Wisconsin  

Secretary, Association of Muslims Professional Inc., USA

Dr. Israrul Haque Ansari was born and brought up in district Ghazipur, (Uttar Pradesh), a relatively backward district where education is the least of all the priorities. He grew up in a middle-class family where things were not easy to come by. But by Almighty Allah’s mercy, hard work and education came by the much needed difference in his life.  He strongly believes, the only thing which can change an individual’s life or a society as a whole is “education and training”. 

Without a second thought, Mr. Israrul Haque joined AMP USA when Brother Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari contacted him and explained the objectives of this organization. Highly drawn in by AMP USA’s simple mission to help underprivileged and needy. With a belief in AMP USA’s concept of “today’s Zakat(charity) receivers could become Zakat givers of tomorrow”, he became of the important members of AMP USA and pledges to contribute his skills, expertise and learnings to the AMP USA in years to come. Apart from AMP USA, he is also involved with other organizations that are related to “education and training” for younger generations in one way or the other.

He received his early education from Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, then moved to Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh to pursue B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees. After studying his PhD in AIIMS, New Delhi he moved to the USA for higher education and training. He has been living in the USA for approx. 19 years and currently is working as a scientist at University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.

Having lived in both the countries, India and USA for a number of years, he firmly believes that “education and training” makes a lasting impact in most individual’s life as it did to his life. He idolizes and takes inspiration from our prophet (PBUH) teachings and importance of education. In his words “Seek knowledge from cradle to grave” and those who are better position should help this cause.

Mr. Aamir Edresy, Mumbai, India 

Board Member, Association of Muslims Professional Inc., USA

Aamir Edresy is a Software Engineer by qualification, Businessman by profession and a Social Activist by passion. He is a ‘Man with a Mission’, the mission to evolve the Indian Muslim community into an Intellectually Progressive, Socially Dynamic and Economically Potent community of conscientious individuals who will significantly contribute to the development of the Nation.

As the President and Founder of AMP, he has quite ably led AMP from its inception to its present status of being a vibrant pan-India organization of dynamic individuals. As a person he is quite level-headed and mature and capable of taking tough decisions. He has the ability to put a team together and lead everyone to deliver to the best of their potential. He has an eye for identifying talent and exhort people to explore their hidden potential and challenge conventions. He is enthusiastic, ambitious and a great thinker who is able to devise fundamental strategies for the development of the community. He has exceptional interpersonal skills and networking abilities which is quite evident from his strong social network across India which includes Professionals, Students, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Social Leaders and Ulema. He is also quite erudite in the matters of public administration and political governance and is abreast with all the recent developments and changes in Government Policies. Aamir has been invited by Governments of important countries around the World for various programmes, like the Youth Leadership Development Programme in USA and other similar programmes in Iran, UAE etc.


Mr. Abid Ali, Chicago, Illinois  

Board Member, Association of Muslims Professional Inc., USA

Abid Ali belongs to an illustrious family of professionals based in Chennai, India. His father works for a pharmaceutical company based in Dubai as Regional Head and his mother is a retired banker. He was actively involved with various non-profit organizations and supported multiple projects before coming to the United States. Apart from being a part of organizations, he is passionate about working for the upliftment of the community.

Abid completed MBA from Trine University in Indiana and is currently working as Administrative Services Manager at a trucking company based in Round Lake, Illinois. He has over 10 years’ experience in India and New Zealand in various domains including Telecom, Adverting. He is also pursuing Ph.D. from University of the Cumberland based in Kentucky and has strong communication experience.