This program focus to connect the NRI with local AMP chapters in India and provide guidance and vision of AMP USA and its projects. Local AMP chapters will arrange short meetings, round table discussion, meetings with professionals/students.

Mission 2020

  • Cover 100 cities/meetings by Dec 2020.
  • 5,000 beneficiaries will meet and greet NRI visitors and will participate into talks.  

How it will work?

  • AMP USA will identify members/non-members who are visiting India and ask for their schedule in India. Identify city where member is going to stay. NRI registration form will be available to register. 
  • Once registered, Schedule with relevant information will be shared with AMP India in advance with respective AMP City Chapter where AMP is active. AMP India will be organizing a session with any minority run school/college.
  • AMP USA will be designing 5 different Topics or formats (in first year of program launch) of general interest (for Round table discussions, workshops, networking) which will be taken by NRI Members. AMP USA will be preparing PPTs on those 5 topics which will be given to NRI Members who are visiting India and they can select one of the topic to take. AMP USA core team will decide these topics and can take inputs from AMP USA Group Members. If NRI Member has some other ideas to share that can be discussed and decided by core team. Basic document is mandatory on each topic which is going to be presented or discussed by NRI Member in India which will follow AMP basic documentation guidelines.
  • Each NRI Member will be given minimum one topic and maximum 2 topics in each visit. Preference will be given to city where member will be staying most of the time during his/her visit or where NRI Member is comfortable in taking the session.
  • AMP India City Chapter will be providing logistics to ensure smooth session and good experience for NRI Member. Projector and basic logistic availability will be ensured for session. One AMP member from specific city chapter will accompany NRI Member to school/college/institute where program is scheduled. All arrangement will be done in advance to ensure smooth program execution.
  • Minimum 50 students/professionals will be ensured for each session where NRI member visiting. Written permission will be taken from School/college to conduct this program if required.

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