Our Vision: 

Our Vision is to become a Model Muslim Community which is: 

  • Advanced in Education
  • Socially Progressive
  • Culturally Vibrant
  • Politically Influential
  • Economically Dynamic

We at AMP Inc., USA ought to: 

  • To serve Indian Muslims in particular and all weaker communities in general irrespective of their religion, colour, caste and creed, in the United States, India and other countries.
  • To assist them in orientation, adjustment, upskilling, cross- training, and finding employment and educational opportunities for them. 
  • To promote and facilitate education, research, publications, and meetings.
  • To provide them moral, material and physical help. 
  • To raise funds to support projects that fall within the scope described above.

Our Mission:  

Our Mission is to empower Muslims of Indian origin through Skill development, Mentorship and professional development thereby creating a role model community working to promote peace and partnerships within society.

AMP USA Value Statements: 

  • To bring together all the Muslims from all over the Country to interact and co-operate with each other with a common objective to educate, motivate, organize and inspire.
  • To join hands in order to eradicate evil practices from our society which lead to untold miseries.
  • To see that the community puts its unspent energy to constructive use.
  • To instill a feeling of confidence among our Younger Generation.
  • To play a Leading and Active role in the development & transformation of Muslims into a responsible Community consolidating a stronger place for ourselves in the Indian Society & the Global arena at large.