1. Orphans are on-boarded through referrals from:
    - AMP Network or Local/Community members
    - Project members or families/relatives of the project members.
  2. A chapter-level, district-level, or region-level Project Coordinator will be appointed for each geographic area that has a significant number of Orphans. We have identified 2 Project Coordinators for the pilot project in Kerala, who have committed to participate 100% voluntarily.
  3. Each Orphan that is on-boarded to the project is thoroughly verified through the respective Project 4. Coordinator and a thorough verification will be done.
  4. In parallel, new donors will be on-boarded to the project by means of word-of-mouth, marketing through social media, AMP events, portals, and all possible means to spread the word about this project.
  5. Orphan(s) will be matched to their respective Donor(s) by the Project Coordinator if the Donor(s) chooses to donate/contribute for a complete year or more.
  6. In case, there are no donors available and we have no extra funds available, we will put the orphan in the waiting list and make the donor-orphan-match when the next donor is on-boarded.
  7. On a periodic basis, we will send reminders to all donor(s) on their sponsorship due amounts via call, email/SMS/messaging (whichever medium of communication the donor would prefer).
  8. When the donated amount reaches the orphan, the Project Coordinator or the respective team member will immediately inform the donor confirming the same.
  9. We will also keep them updating their Growth and Progress Report.
  10. On a timely basis, we will publish the Project Reports so that the donor is well informed and the transparency is maintained.
  11. At times there can be a scenario wherein a donor may want to reduce/increase the number of orphans sponsored or the amount to be donated, this will be facilitated by the Project Lead accordingly.


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