Humanity today is facing an unprecedented crisis; one we have not seen in our lifetime. Economies are crashing down and the worst hit are the poor & marginalized. No matter what your motivation and your means, giving your Zakat and other charity amounts in the present situation is a personal and emotional decision. In the wake of this global pandemic, lakhs and lakhs of our fellow human beings are being deprived of the basic two square meals a day. They are stranded, homeless and unemployed. Their sufferings are enormous. The aftermath of the lockdown is likely to be much harsher with loss of jobs and loss of income. 

"Mission Feed" is a campaign launched by Association of Muslim Professionals Inc. USA (AMP Inc. USA) in the blessed month of Ramadan and during the time of unprecedented Covid-19 crisis. Donate your Zakat, Sadaqa, Fitra, Kaffara, Interest and General charities for your preferred location of ration kits distribution. You have the safest, reliable and most convenient way to donate through Our mission is to help your donation reach in the form of goods (food parcels) to your city of preference in India. Our team on the ground supported by curated local NGOs will make sure they identify the neediest families and deliver food packets at their doorstep. We know that you cannot go out and reach every household but WE CAN, In'sha Allah.

Donate generously today. Together “You” and “Us” can give thousands of poor families a chance at survival. Our goal is to feed at least 5,000 families during the month of Ramadan, In'sha Allah!!!



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