is India's First Zakat Crowdfunding platform floated by the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) with a view to bring the Zakat Seekers and Zakat Givers on a unified platform.

AMP India Foundation (AIF) is a non-profit company. Its objective is to undertake its operations purely with the intent of bringing socio-economic transformation in the lives of the people, without seeking to generate any commercial surplus. Zakat is a mandatory charity which Muslims are obliged to pay if wealth is above a threshold limit in a year. Although most people dispense the necessary Zakat amount, it is unorganized to a great extent. Such unorganized disbursement isn’t a sustainable solution to the backwardness of the community. This platform, is a step in the direction of mobilizing the collection of Zakat, Sadqa, Fitra and other charities in a collaborative way and channelize these collections for providing benefits to the poor and backward sections of the society for their overall survival, upliftment, development and growth. AIF is an associate organization of the Association of Muslim Professionals.


How its works?