Who said Charity can only create more “Takers”, it can create “Givers” too………….. 

Association of Muslim Professionals with the core objective of empowering the Muslim community has done a great  job in the recent years. From a small team of few members to a national level body for the upliftment of Muslim community AMP stands by the community in normal times as well as in turbulent situations.

Last year Kashmir witnessed great devastation caused by unprecedented rains and floods. Thousands of houses were either fully destroyed or damaged leaving these uninhabitable. Lakhs of people were left without basic amenities of life for days altogether. People lost their livelihood and supporting the educational expenses became a burden.

Upholding the zeal and motto of standing by the community, AMP provided scholarship for Self Employment and Education to a few desiring persons. With the self employment fund those who had lost their everything in the floods got a new hope and started their livelihood once again. Education fund was provided to support professional education for the affected.

I as member of AMP and coordinator for relief work in Kashmir, am very thankful to the AMP for standing by the people of Kashmir .It has been an immense pleasure to work with AMP and serve the community. I request you all to pray for the success of Association of Muslim Professionals. May Allah help us in achieving the noble goal.
I appeal all those who are blessed by Almighty to support AMP Zakat Fund and make donations towards the betterment of the community as a whole.