I am a student in the third year of “Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S.)” at Z.V.M. Unani medical college, Pune. We lost our mother last year. My father works as power-loom labour. We are five children to our father to take care. Of which three of us are daughters. My elder brother is pursuing “Masters of Business Administration (MBA)”, and the other brother is in ninth standard. One of my sisters is doing “Bachelor of Science (BSc.)”, and the youngest sister of all of us is in the second standard.


The earning of my father is very less to sustain the family needs. We do not have any other sources of income. I had my college fees overdue for a month last year and was warned by the college authorities that I might not be allowed to continue my studies for this academic year until I clear my dues. At that time my mother was admitted to hospital in Aurangabad. In that difficult time, Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) assisted me and financially helped me with the scholarship.


Initially, I had the perception that AMP works only to identify deserving and academically good students with a poor economic background and helps them with a scholarship to build their career. Soon, I found that the operations of AMP are in fact, to facilitate a larger platform in order to build a network of Muslim professionals.  AMP engages the Muslim professionals towards sharing their knowledge, experience and skills to empower people in educational, political, social and economic fronts of life. The scholarship that I received last year was very helpful to continue my studies. With sincere thanks and lots of hope, I have requested AMP for my scholarship to be extended for this academic year as well.