Hailing from one of the most deprived farming communities from a state which is amongst the last in development, Bihar, it was always difficult for a Muslim boy to get college education. Our meagre family income could hardly make our ends meet. As with many like me, the option of leaving the education in between wasn’t the choice but a certain reality. I was to become the-one amongst the hundreds of uneducated and unemployed youths which the Sachhar Committee so much talks about, and the progeny would have inherited the same fate.


I remember the time when the very essence of my life seemed to just have ebbed and dark times seemed imminent until the light was rekindled by a spark of benevolence and the hope for the Ummah.


An acquaintance informed me about the organisation - Association of Muslim Professionals better known as AMP, which offered the much needed support to the deserving but financially weak Muslim youths of the country.


With the grace of Almighty Allah, I was chosen for the AMP scholarship through a very simple process to be the beneficiary of financial assistance. The scholarship has not only given me a new found hope for fulfilling my higher education aspirations but has also offered a much brighter future and a great relief to my family.


Allah knows best what lies in the bosom of future, but the act of the AMP has caused me to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within. Alhamdulillah, this will remain with me like a constant reminder to give back to the community, society and the country in whatever manner Allah wills.